Universities to Force Students to Get Flu Shots, Sign “Social Distancing” Contracts in Order to Return to Class in the Fall

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An increasing number of colleges and universities are rolling out student guidelines that will place requirements on students returning to class in the fall in light of the Covid19 pandemic. Among them are mandatory flu shots and the accepting of “social distancing contracts.”

The University of Tennessee – Knoxville has announced flu shots will be required for all students attending classes in person starting in the fall. And Knoxville has made clear that a Covid19 vaccine will be a requirement once one is released that is “proven to be safe and effective.”

“While we have received a small amount of mixed feedback, we believe this action is in the best interest of our students and campus communities,” said UT-Knoxville communications director Melissa Tindell.

But Knoxville is not alone. Students will be required to ““participate in routine COVID-19 testing,” as well as wear masks in all public spaces at Harvard University.

Harvard will also be encouraging “virtual socializing” rather than in-person socializing as the “first option for social contact.”

Cornell University, Princeton University, and the University of Colorado Boulder have all indicated that they will be revising student behavior guidelines because of the pandemic as well.

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