Swing Voters in Michigan Say They Are Voting for Trump – Biden Would be a “Puppet”

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Swing voters in a Michigan focus group say they are voting for President Trump over Joe Biden because Trump would be better able to keep them safe.

“I told my husband get your 45 out and I said if they come in the door you shoot first and ask questions later…I would rather not have to deal with that and that’s what’s going to happen if you defund the police. Who’s going to come rescue you?” asked a woman who chose not to be identified.

The focus group is coordinated by the media outlet Axios and is part of its Engagious/Schlesinger swing-voter series. It is not a scientific poll, but does provide valuable insight into the thinking of the voters in battleground states that may wind up deciding the election.

This session was conducted last week, Axios said, and consisted of voters who voted for President Obama in 2012 and President Trump in 2016.

Another major refrain by members of the group is that they feel Biden would be controlled by the Deep State.

“I don’t think that Biden is going to be running our country. Whoever his vice president is, is going to be running the country. The vice president or whoever the ‘puppet people’ are telling him what to say,” a woman calling herself Shelly D said.

“I think Biden…wouldn’t really be the person controlling the country whereas Trump is, I believe, is actually the person actually running the country,” said Matt T.

“I think Biden is controlled by a lot of people in the deep state and I think he’s kind of a puppet for lack of a better word,” he added.

Major polls show Trump trailing Biden, including by nine points in Michigan.

Seven of the nine voters in the group said they are voting for Trump in November’s election.

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