United Nations Intervenes in U.S. Internal Politics

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The United Nations is condemning President Donald Trump and his administration’s attempts to quell the civil unrest that is currently underway in the United Sates.

Unidentified federal agents are illegally detaining peaceful protestors, which may give rise to “arbitrary detention and other human rights violations,” warned Liz Throssell, a UN human rights spokeswoman.

“The authorities should ensure that federal and local security forces deployed are properly and clearly identified and would use force only when necessary, proportionately and in accordance with international standards,” she added.

Throssell was apparently referring to the recent deployment of federal troops to the city of Portland, Oregon, where they are defending federal buildings and property from revolutionaries.

Riots and violence have raged in that city for two months.

Three federal officers who were protecting the Hatfield Federal Courthouse were attacked by ANTIFA rioters last Friday. The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed they were attacked by lasers, and that the officers may have sustained permanent damage to their sight as a result of the attacks.

“When officers responded to put out these fires, glass bottles were thrown and lasers – which can cause permanent blindness – were shined in their eyes,” said Richard Cline, the Federal Protective Service deputy director. “We have three officers who currently have eye injuries and they may not recover sight in those eyes from those laser attacks.”

Throssell did not comment on those attacks.

Photo by MSGT Robert Hargreaves Jr., USAF

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