The Dark Side of Cashless Society

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As the nation’s “coin shortage” continues it’s becoming clearer that powerful forces are trying to end paper (and metal) currency to completely digitize the economy.

Your digital representation is quickly becoming your complete representation: What you can post on social media and how you pay for goods, for example.

Making life digital means powerful interests can choke you off easily, literally with the press of a button.

We’re all increasingly dependent on companies like Apple, Google and credit/debt card companies for all of life’s functions.

We’ve chronicled how the founder of social media platform Gab, for example, was recently de-platformed by Visa. Not just how company, but him personally.

That’s made all the easier, and all the more punitive, when everything in one’s life is digital.

Addison Wiggin at The Daily Reckoning writes:

A prepaid card from the Treasury. Why not?

My kids, who strangely enough qualify, could hypothetically still use the card to procure sundries at the Walgreens down the street.

But what if, hypothetically again, that card doesn’t work because their dad is an ornery son of a b$tch who got in a spat with some readers over the Black Lives Matter movement… and some government bureaucrat didn’t like what I said?

That is, what if suddenly my EIP card doesn’t work at Walgreens anymore?

Or what if Facebook or Google don’t like what I write? What if Apple doesn’t like me either?

Hmm…I use gmail. I use a Mac. I shop at iTunes. I use my credit and debit cards for everything. I never have cash in my Book Book.

Boy, going down this rabbit hole is frightening. Good thing none of it could ever happen… right?

Gold is perhaps the best defense against negative interest rates and the cashless society.

Photo by Filip Filipović

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