81% of African-Americans DO NOT Want To See Police Abolished

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Combating the narrative put forth by Black Lives Matter and their “Defund the Police” campaigns, a recent poll conducted by Gallup found that 61% of African-Americans are OK with the current levels of policing in their neighborhoods. 20% say they actually want to see more patrols.

Overall 67% of U.S. adults would like to see current levels of policing continue, while 19% say they want police to spend more time in their neighborhoods.

However, while Black Americans are comfortable with the level of policing, less than 20% of Blacks feel “very confident” that they would be treated with courtesy and respect by the police in an interaction. 24% of Asians say they would be, while 40% of Hispanic Americans and 56% of Whites are confident they would be treated well in an interaction with police.

While that small number of African-Americans are “not at all confident” that they would be treated well by police, the majority of Black Americans want the cops to spend the same amount of time or more in their neighborhoods.

It’s unclear who Black Lives Matter portends to speak for with their defunding the police campaigns, when the majority of African-Americans feel the way they feel.

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