Andrew Cuomo to Rich People Fleeing NYC: “You got to come back! We’ll go to dinner!…I’ll cook!”

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shared some of the tactics he’s using to lure wealthy New Yorkers who have left the state in recent months back home. During a briefing earlier this week, he explained how he tries to “bribe” rich New Yorkers to return by offering them personal favors.

“I literally talk to people all day long who are now in their Hamptons house who also lived here, or in their Hudson Valley house, or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, ‘You got to come back! We’ll go to dinner! I’ll buy you a drink! Come over, I’ll cook!’” Cuomo said.

New York has seen an exodus of wealthy residents from the city for their second homes in the Hamptons, or Palm Beach, or Greenwich, CT. That exodus is wreaking havoc on the budget as New York State is currently seeking $60 billion in federal funds to plug the holes.

This isn’t the first time Cuomo has broached the subject of having to lure wealthy resident back to the city and state. In the video above from July 23, he goes into detail about other “aggravating factors” driving people away.

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