L.A. to Shut Off Water, Electricity to Residents Who Repeatedly Break Social Distancing Rules

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During a press conference yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garretti (D) authorized the city to shut off power and water to properties, both residential and commercial, that violate rules on gatherings during the Covid19 pandemic.

Garcetti said the goal of the measures were to “shut” places that violate the rules “down permanently.”

“By turning off that power, shutting off that water we feel we can close these places down, which usually are not one-time offenders but multiple-offenders,” he said.

“We know we can do this,” Garcetti said, responding to a question about the measure’s legality.

L.A. says it is currently battling a surge in Covid19 cases. In all, the city says it has seen almost 198,000 confirmed cases of Covid and 4,825 fatalities.

Photo by Neon Tommy

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