“It’s a Peaceful Protest” – Trump Ribs Reporter Who Ask Why Guest Are Wearing Masks

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President Trump held a press conference last night at his golf club in Bedminsiter, NJ, where he is spending the weekend.

During the Q&A session, Mr. Trump was asked how he felt about a group of of club members, who were waiting to meet the President, not wearing masks or social distancing and therefore violating Covid19 regulations set out by NJ State Government.

“It’s a peaceful protest,” the President responded. “You have an exclusion in the law, it says peaceful protest or political activity, right?”

The group erupted into cheers and applause at the President’s words.

Democratic officials have drawn ridicule for the apparent hypocrisy of not allowing normal, everyday Americans to run their businesses or go to school or attend religious services because of the Covid19 pandemic, but allowing millions of individuals nationwide to attend protests in those same cities.

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