Vladimir Putin: No Place for Blackmail and Diktat in Persian Gulf

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Russian President Vladimir Putin warned against heavy-handedness and the unilateral imposing of wills on any region of the world, but specifically the Persian Gulf.

“In that region [the Persian Gulf], like in any other point in the world, there must be no place for anyone’s blackmail and diktat. Unilateral approaches towards searching for solutions do not help,” Putin wrote in a statement posted on the Kremlin’s website yesterday.

The Russian leader recalled that in 2019 Russia submitted a renewed concept of security in the Persian Gulf, which “stipulated specific ways for effectively resolving the tangle of problems in that region.”

“We are convinced that the problems can be overcome, if we treat each other’s positions with due attention and responsibility and act with respect and on a collective basis,” the statement reads.

Putin warned that discussions aimed at Iran “are becoming more and more heated,” and could turn into a conflict that is unwanted by most nations in the world.

The Trump administration is currently considering extending sanctions placed on Iran. Drafts of such orders are currently being created at the United Nations, according to Putin.

According to Russian news outlet TASS, diplomats they polled doubt there is enough support among U.N. member states for such measures to advance.

Photo by The Kremlin

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