“Sacrificing Liberty” Documentary Leads to Online Petition Demanding Congressional Investigation

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Following the premiere of the a four-part documentary “Sacrificing Liberty” by TruNews, an online petition has begun that calls for a congressional investigation into the attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967.

“Sacrificing Liberty” tells the story of the attack through the eyes of the survivors.

The online petition reads:

“On June 8th, 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel in the East Mediterranean, leaving 34 dead, and 174 wounded. A rushed military inquiry ruled the attack to have been an accident, but new evidence presented in the documentary ‘Sacrificing Liberty’ clearly shows that an American flag was flying and that the assailants knew they were killing U.S. servicemen.”

“The USS Liberty is the most decorated U.S. military ship from a single encounter in the history of our nation, and the men deserve to be honored, like the survivors of Pearl Harbor or D Day.”

“We demand a congressional investigation into the attack and for a Medal of Honor to be awarded to Dr. Richard Kiefer, who saved hundreds of lives that day, while himself being gravely injured.”

Kiefer was the chief medical officer aboard the ship that day. He has been credited with singlehandedly saving the lives of dozens of the ship’s sailors, all while being seriously injured himself during the attack.

Photo by U.S. Navy

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