Global Video Surveillance Storage Market to Grow to $10B by 2025, Analysts Say

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The global video surveillance storage market is expected to grow by about 50% in just the next five years, reaching $10.2 billion in size by 2025. That according to Research and Markets, a market research firm.

The market, at $7.5 billion in size today, is expected to grow at an annual rate of more than 6% for the next five years.

“Major growth factors for the market include the adoption of IP cameras and the demand for video surveillance and its storage to secure public places,” the analysis states.

The biggest players in the space are expected to be the current data-storage giants – firms such as Cisco, Dell and Honeywell.

The largest segment of growth is expected to be public, or “city surveillance.”

City surveillance helps in monitoring traffic, preventing criminal activities and monitoring suspicious activities.

Public places include airports, railway stations, seaports, theaters, playgrounds, and institutes.

For monitoring cities, large-numbers of high-resolution cameras are necessary.

These high-resolution cameras demand scalable storage that supports the increasing demand for storing video surveillance footages.

5G is expected to play a large role in making such high volumes of real-time video surveillance possible.

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