Gov. Cuomo, Who Loves to Lecture on Virtues of Mask-Wearing, Outside – Without a Mask

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Governor Andrew Cuomo, strong proponent of face masks, was pictured outdoors on Monday in New York – without a face mask.

Cuomo has been one of the most outspoken critics of Americans who refuse to wear a mask.

In June, Cuomo urged President Trump to sign an executive order “directing everyone to wear a mask” and begged the president to “lead by example.”

As Breitbart points out, during an interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace in July Cuomo cited studies that suggest thousands would die without a nationwide mask mandate.

“Nicolle, that we’re still talking about masks is indefensible,” he said. “You have the IHME projection model, which is the model that the White House follows. It’s funded by Gates. They say 40,000 more Americans will die because we didn’t have a mask policy. Forty thousand people will die because we didn’t have a mask policy? Every health expert says it. Every federal health expert says it. The CDC says it. The NIH says it. That we’re allowing politics to allow Americans to die is a level of dysfunction that we haven’t seen in this country before.”

In July, he introduced “Mask Up America,” a nationwide pro-mask campaign, which featured several celebrities advocating for mask wearing.

He has tweeted several times on the importance of mask wearing:

It’s unclear why the Governor does not believe in following his own advice.

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