“Mostly White” Instigators from Out of Town Burned “Much of the Black Business District” in Kenosha

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A Kenosha resident claims individuals from out of town traveled to Kenosha in recent days for the purpose of rioting and burned down many black businesses.

The civil unrest came in the wake of a police shooting involving an African-American Kenosha resident, Jacob Blake.

An article published by Reuters reports on one resident who talked about the incongruous destruction of Black businesses in protests purportedly meant to raise awareness of racial injustice toward Black people.

“Local police, who had support from National Guard troops, fired tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke bombs to disperse the crowd, which grew to several hundred, according to protester Porche Bennett, 31, of Kenosha. Fires destroyed much of the Black business district, Bennett said, adding that the instigators she saw were white. ‘It’s people from out of town doing this. We’ve been shopping there since we were kids and they set it on fire,’ Bennett said.”

That account has apparently since been dropped from the Reuters article.

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