Ireland Unveils Digital “Health Passport”

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Ireland-based Roqu Group has launched a pilot version of a health passport to help with tracking Covid19 testing. “Health Passport Ireland” is being billed as a way to help Ireland’s general public take safer steps “in our return to our normal way of life.”

The software tracks and records individuals’ health records, including Covid19 test results on an app on smartphones. The data will help authorities track outbreaks and single out Covid19-positive individuals faster.

“Around the world, there is continued frustration and disappointment due to COVID-19 restrictions,” said Robert Quirke, President and CEO of ROQU Group, during the app’s launch.

“Health Passport is designed to put a safety net in place where none currently exists, allowing economies to recover and thrive in a controlled environment. It is a world-first innovation, proudly engineered in Ireland to the highest standards, that will enable business and society to finally move forward. The game-changer has finally arrived,” Quirke explained.

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