Oregon Sheriffs Defy Governor’s Orders to Become Sacrificial Lambs to Portland’s Mobs

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Last week Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown requested Oregon sheriffs send their deputies to Portland to help quell rioting and unrest that has taken place nightly in Portland for more than 3 consecutive months.

Brown, along with Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, feuded with the Trump administration over federal security forces who were brought in to restore and keep the peace.

Now it seems Brown and Wheeler want Oregon’s sheriffs to be in the line of fire of out-of-control anarchists.

But Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts, who said the governor did not even bother to call him over the request, has informed the State’s government that he will not be sending his deputies to clean up their mess.

He was followed shortly by Washington County Sheriff Pat Garret who also said he would not be sending deputies. The “lack of political support for public safety” has created an “unacceptable risk” to his deputies, Garret said.

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