Seattle Mayor Asks Supreme Court to Stop Recall Effort Against Her

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Seattle’s Democratic Mayor, Jenny Durkan, has petitioned the Washington Supreme Court to block the recall effort against her. Her argument is that she hasn’t violated any law or standard.

Durkan has been harshly criticized for the way she handled the protests in her city during the spring and summer months. She famously said that the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone,” a 6-block area taken over by protesters, could lead to a “summer of love” in Seattle. Two people in four separate shooting incidents in the zone in the span of two weeks.

Durkan only agreed to dismantle the zone after her own house was threatened by protesters.

The State Supreme Court has agreed to hear Durkan’s appeal but there will not be oral arguments. Filings and written arguments will be due by September 22nd.

If Durkan’s appeal is rejected, petitioners would have 180 days to collect at least 50,000 signatures from voters before a special recall election could be held.

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