Don Lemon Admits He’s Not a Straight Journalist, But Rather Talks to People “About the News”

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CNN’s Don Lemon recently pointed out the differences between he and fellow news anchor, NBC’s Lester Holt. Lemon said the two were different in the way they “report” on the news.

“I am a news anchor, but I don’t do what Lester Holt does,” Lemon said.

“This isn’t a criticism, just trying to show you the difference. I love and respect Lester. We’re both news anchors, but our jobs are different. Lester does a straight newscast every night. I do two hours of mostly just talking to people about the news.”

Lemon often criticizes President Trump. Mr. Trump has previously called Lemon “the dumbest man on television.”

Last month, Lemon said that he would like to see an end to the violence and riots that have been taking place in America over the past few months. The reason he would like to see them stop is because Lemon says polling suggests they are helping President Trump in his reelection chances.

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