Sister of Portland ANTIFA Gunman: I wouldn’t Say His Death “Counts as Bad News”

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The sister of Portland ANTIFA killer Michael Reinoehl has said that news of his death doesn’t count as “bad news.”

“I wouldn’t say at this point that this counts as bad news. It’s just more news,” Reinoehl’s sister, April, said.

In an emotional phone call with The Daily Mail, April said that she had been preparing herself for the news of Michael’s death, but that she believed it would be at the hands of the right wing group Patriot Prayer, not at the hands of police.

Reinoehl quickly became the suspect in the murder of Patriot Prayer member Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson in Portland two weeks ago. Reinoehl shot Danielson in cold blood following a day of dueling protests in the Oregon city.

Reinoehl was shot last Thursday by US Marshals in Lacey, Washington, after becoming the target of the murder investigation.

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