Allison Morrow: I Covered ANTIFA as a Reporter, Here’s What the Media Leaves Out

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Allison Morrow is a journalist who used to work with the NBC News affiliate KING TV,  in Seattle, Washington. Morrow spent several years covering ANTIFA as the anti-fascist group is very active in that city.

Morrow says often what the media misses out in their coverage of ANTIFA is that anti-capitalism is a top priority for the group.

“In my experience fascism includes capitalism. So when I would be at a protest where ANTIFA was present, they’d be like in places downtown Seattle where there are lots of retail shops like Macy’s where people are going to buy shoes and clothes and designer perfume. Because capitalism is part of that fascist infrastructure and they’re anti-capitalist.”

She also says the media often (wrongfully) portrays ANTIFA demonstrations as being mobilized as counter-protests to right-wing or fascists protests or rallies.

She says in her experience, ANTIFA does not need a protest to counter in order for it to take to the streets itself.

“The second thing is you see…[is] they mobilize to oppose groups. In my experience a protest where ANTIFA is present, where they have mobilized like batman to stop a far right group, a fascist group, a racist group – that has not been a precursor for them to be out in the streets. Now I know this does happen, but in my experience that is not necessary for ANTIFA to be out in the streets,” Morrow says.

Morrow recounts uploading an initial video in which she highlights many of these same points about ANTIFA, but having YouTube declare it “dangerous content” and demonetize it. YouTube has not explained the reasons for the demonetization, Morrow says.

We have previously highlighted that the agenda of ANTIFA, as well as other far-left groups like the Democratic Socialists of America, include the ultimate downfall of the U.S.

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