Samantha Marika: “They Hate Donald Trump So Much Because They Cannot Control Him and That Terrifies Them”

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Samantha Marika has an important message for voters: this election is about control.

“Who’s paying people to burn down America right now? It’s them,” Marika says. “Who’s paying people to loot, steal, riot and destroy mom and pop shops? It’s them. Who was unhappy when Black unemployment was at its lowest? When Latino unemployment was at its lowest? They were. But they manipulated you so much that you think it’s Donald Trump’s fault.”

“They hate Donald Trump so much, not because he’s a racist or because he’s a Republican. They hate Donald Trump so much because they cannot control him and that terrifies them.”

She goes on to list the way globalist and communist forces are attempting to control the American electorate.

“This election is so important not because Donald Trump is the best man in the whole entire world. But because this election stands for freedom versus control. If we do not vote Donald Trump back into office, it solidifies to them that they are able to control us. That they are able to manipulate us through the use of mainstream media, censorship, ‘fact check.'”

“The question is simple for this election: do you want to be controlled or do you want to be free?” Marika concludes by saying.

The video was so powerful, that the President Trump himself retweeted. “A Star is Born!!!” the President wrote.

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