Drudge Report Continues to Hemorrhage Readers

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Matt Drudge’s DrudgeReport.com continues what can only be described as its historic crash in readership.

The Drudge Report’s site traffic fell to 63 million readers, down from 95 million readers in September 2019.

A year ago, in August 2019, the site was posting “well over 100 million” readers. Many believe the site’s complete about-face in editorial philosophy is to blame.

Drudge had been widely considered to be the premier conservative news site over the last 20 years. But in recent months the site has taken on a decidedly “anti-President-Trump” tone.

We reported in July that the belief that Matt Drudge was a tried-and-true conservative may have been misguided.

“Matt has never been a conservative. He describes himself as a Libertarian,” journalist Matthew Lysiak, who has been close with Matt Drudge, says. “The mistake people make when analyzing Matt Drudge is that they often look at him through a political lens. The reality is that Matt Drudge’s loyalty isn’t to any political party or ideology — but to his website.”

“Matt is focused on the bottom line, he always has been,” Lysiak says.

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Photo by John Matthew Smith via Wikimedia Commons

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