The U.S. Military Wanted to Use a Heat Ray to Clear Protesters from in Front of the White House

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The U.S. Military was ready to use a “heat ray” to disperse a crowd in front of the White House in June, in anticipation of President Trump’s walk to St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square. The revelation was made by Maj. Adam DeMarco of the D.C. National Guard in written testimony to lawmakers in Congress.

DeMarco was in Lafayette Square on the morning of June 1 and received an email asking him to source a long-range acoustic device (or sound cannon), and a device called the Active Denial System (ADS), typically referred to as a heat ray.

The ADS, which uses millimeter-wave technology, was developed by the military 20 years ago, and makes individuals feel like their skin is burning.

DeMarco says he responded 30 minutes after receiving the request, saying the D.C. National Guard did not possess either an LRAD or an ADS.

Ultimately, law enforcement officials used rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds.

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Photo by The White House

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