President Trump Approved Pardon for Julian Assange in Exchange for Source of DNC Russia Leaks

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President Trump was “aware of and had approved of” a controversial plan that would see WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange fully pardoned in exchange for Assange revealing the source of the famous DNC leaks that have been attributed to Russia since 2016.

The “deal” was reportedly delivered by former U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) to Assange in 2017.

“Rohrabacher explained that he wanted to resolve the ongoing speculation about Russian involvement in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) leaks to WikiLeaks,” barrister Jennifer Robinson said. Robinson was a witness to the alleged August 2017 meeting which took place in the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK while Assange was still living there.

Assange’s legal team said the offer was turned down.

Photo by Espen Moe via Wikimedia Commons

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