Liberal Op-Ed: BLM Driving So Many Voters to Trump, It’s Almost as if Republicans Are Behind It

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Russian-American journalist Diana Bruk has written for The New York Times, The Paris ReviewCosmopolitan, Esquire and Elle, among other publications.

She recently penned an op-ed in RT in which she tries to alert liberal voters that the constant virtue and social-justice signaling of the last several months is driving more voters to Trump than Republicans could have hoped for.

“I’ve always considered myself a soft Liberal,” Bruk writes [emphasis included]. “But the last few months have really brought out my conservative side, and I’m not the only one. I’ve recently spoken to several working class people who were told they were being laid off just before getting an email saying the company was looking to ‘diversify its staff,’ and their responses were all the same: ‘F**k this, I’m voting for Trump.’” 

She says the Black Lives Matter movement is driving so many voters to Trump that she almost feels it was created for that purpose.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is important, but it’s so poorly timed that, were I a conspiracy theorist, I would say that the Republicans were behind it all along,” she Bruk.

She also points out that liberals during this time are exhibiting the same behavior they are purportedly against. And if they don’t let up, the consequences may be exactly what they are trying to prevent.

“Recognize that posting hateful comments on the walls of people whose opinions differ from yours is cyber-bullying, which you are purportedly against,” Bruk says. “Recognize that hating on people who are having anxiety attacks over wearing masks and the general situation means bullying people with mental health issues, which you are also purportedly against. And recognize that if you are going to make large swaths of people feel attacked by Democrats, you are pushing them right into Trump’s stiff, unstable embrace.”

Read Bruk’s op-ed in its entirety here.

Photo by PDBVerlag via Pixabay

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