Chinese State Media: Joe Biden “Appearing Tough” On China Only “To Win the Election”

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A 4-minute video produced by China global Television Network, a state-controlled media outlet that runs propaganda for the Chinese Communist Party, is contending that VP Joe Biden is appearing tough on China only to win November’s U.S. presidential election.

“Joe Biden had a rosy view of China. To win the election, he and the Democratic Party shifted to appear tough while leaving room to maneuver if Biden wins,” the video says.

“With the American pubic shifting against China and Trump playing up the issue, Biden changed his tune…If hints about compromise and cooperation with China are picked up by the electorate they may not be popular.”

But the video says, anti-China rhetoric that was absent from the Democratic National Convention reveal the true feelings of the Democratic Party toward China and its rise.

“However, China’s conspicuous absence from 4 days of speeches at the DNC indicates that democrats don’t want the issue to hinder or define Biden’s candidacy. And by not defining the candidacy, it leaves room to maneuver in a Biden presidency,” the video says.

Additionally, Chinese state-run media outlets including China Global Television Network and Global Times have run a slew of op-eds backing Biden as “smoother” to deal with.

“Biden is definitely smoother to deal with, which is the consensus around the world. For China, because Biden was vice president during Obama’s term, and had a lot of prior experience dealing with Chinese leaders, we would expect to facilitate more effective communication with Biden if he wins,” the Times reported.

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