Joe Biden Given Tonight’s Debate Questions in Advance by Fox News’ Chris Wallace – Report

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VP Joe Biden has been given tonight’s debate questions in advance by Fox News‘ Chris Wallace. This according to a stunning allegation made by author and political commentator Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Wallace will be moderating tonight’s debate between President Trump and VP Joe Biden.

If true, it would not be the first time a Democratic candidate has been given advance knowledge of presidential debate topics.

In 2016, Democratic operative Donna Brazile shared CNN town hall topics with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Brazile was a CNN commentator at the time. And also the Democratic National Committee Vice Chair.

It’s also being reported that the Biden campaign has not acquiesced to a request from the Trump campaign to have earpieces checked for both candidates prior to the start of tonight’s debate. The Trump campaign wants to ensure Joe Biden is not being fed lines by staff members.

Joe Biden’s campaign did request a change to the usual 90-minute debate format, as set by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Biden’s team requested breaks every 30 minutes. The Trump campaign has denied that request.

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