Climate Change Was Not on the List of Previously Released Debate Topics – Why Did Wallace Include It and How Did Biden Know it Was Coming?

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A full one week before the first debate the The Commission for Presidential Debates released a full list of topics that were to be covered when President Trump and Vice-President Joe Biden squared off.

Many wondered if the unusual step wasn’t taken to implicitly help Joe Biden.

But even more curious was moderator Chris Wallace’s inclusion of the subject of climate change in the debate when it was not on that previously released list. As well as was the timing of Wallace’s introduction of the subject into the discussion.

President Trump had raised the subject of former VP Biden’s son Hunter reportedly receiving a mysterious $3.5 million payment from the mayor of Moscow, Russia, in February 2014 allegedly for “consultancy” work. That finding was revealed last week in a report published by the U.S. Senate.

Immediately after the President raised that question, VP Biden appeared to become agitated at the question and began to lose his temper. Wallace then quickly interrupts and says, “I would like to talk about climate change.”

Without skipping a beat, Biden responds, “So would I.”

We reported yesterday on author Dr. Jerome Corsi alleging that he had been told Biden was given last night’s debate questions in advance by Wallace. Wallace has denied that claim.

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