“Co-Debater” Chris Wallace Criticized Heavily for Pro-Biden Bias: “Most Embarrassing Moderator Performance in History”

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Fox News‘ Chris Wallace is being criticized heavily for what appeared to be a significant pro-Joe-Biden bias during last night’s initial presidential debate.

The Federalist’s Kylee Zempel, called it the “most embarrassing moderator performance in history.”

Zempel writes:

“Wallace, a registered Democrat, failed to maintain any control over the debate. Even members of the left pointed out what a chaotic ‘disgrace’ the whole ordeal was. But after a while, it was hard to pay attention to anything but Wallace’s Biden bias. Media moderators playing favorites with presidential contenders is nothing new, but Wallace’s persistent partisanship reached a new low.”

“From interrupting Trump but not Biden at nearly every turn, blocking the incumbent before he could correct mischaracterizations and flat-out lies from Biden, to full-throated arguments with the president despite lobbing soft-ball questions — or no questions at all — to the former vice president, Wallace’s presentation was appalling.”

Zempel was not alone in her criticism.

“Does Chris Wallace have to drive Biden home, too, or is he now off the clock?” asked a commenter by the screen name of “Rattling Bones” under Zerohedge’s writeup of the debate.

Yesterday we reported on a claim by author Dr. Jerome Corsi that Biden was given last night’s debate questions in advance of the debate by Wallace. Wallace has denied that claim.



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