Jason Whitlock Decries Wallace’s Lack of Debate Questions on BLM, ANTIFA Violence: Mainstream Media is “Nero Fiddling While Rome Burns”

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Jason Whitlock, longtime sports writer, TV and radio personality, decried Chris Wallace’s lack of questions about the violence perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA over the last several months during last night’s presidential debate.

“Our country is burning,” Whitlock wrote. “The global corporations holding the mainstream media’s purse strings have instructed their beneficiaries to distract the public while America burns to the ground.”

“Wallace played the role of Nero at the behest of corporate advertisers. The instructions given to Wallace and debate organizers were simple: 1) Create a choppy format that doesn’t allow either candidate to say anything of substance. 2) Escalate President Trump’s natural desire to be hyper combative. 3) Ask a series of pointless, race-related questions so that it appears you addressed the most important issue facing this country.”

He goes on to criticize Wallace more specifically for his not challenging Vice-President Joe Biden on his statements about the organizations.

“Last night Joe Biden said that he is the Democratic Party. Why didn’t Chris Wallace ask Biden to disavow Antifa and BLM, the violent enforcers of the Democratic Party? Biden called Antifa an idea, not an organization. Ideas are breaking windows and burning buildings in Portland? How much more violence and racism do we have to see from Antifa and BLM before the American media acknowledge their wickedness?”

“BLM and Antifa have destroyed lives and livelihoods all across this country. They’ve created a climate of fear and racial animosity. They’re trying to reduce America to rubble while falsely claiming they want to promote racial harmony.”

“The American media are as complicit in this country’s fall as Nero was to Rome’s,” Whitlock writes.

Read Whitlock’s eloquent piece in its entirety here.

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