Sen. Kennedy: Dems Against Barret Because She Believes Judges Are Not Supposed to be Politicians in Robes and the Supreme Court is Not Supposed to be a Mini-Congress

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Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) talked about the Democrats’ attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett with Tucker Carlson Monday night. Barrett is President Trump’s nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Kennedy laid out true reason of Democrats ire toward Barrett.

“This is what they’re upset about: Judge Barrett is a constitutionalist,” Kennedy said. “Which means she believes that federal judges are not politicians in robes. Which means she believes that the United States Supreme Court is not supposed to be a mini-Congress. Which means she believes that federal judges are not supposed to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to advance a political or social agenda that they can’t get by the voters. Which means that she believes that the law is not supposed to be politics practiced a different way.”

Kennedy also spoke about the system of government Democrats truly stand for and the one they are slowly pushing.

“[Democrats] believe in declarative government as opposed to representative government. Not all of them but many of them. In representative government the people control policy through their elected representatives. In declarative government, which we’ve been moving toward, policy is made by unelected judges and unelected members of the administrative state –  another word for bureaucrats….Barrett believes that that should not be the case,” he said.

Hearings on Barrett’s nomination are scheduled to begin on Monday October 12.

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