Matt Gaetz Rips Ryan Over Declassified Docs On Hillary Clinton & the Russia Hoax: “Spineless Speaker Paul Ryan Blocked Us at Every Turn”

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Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz ripped former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for blocking he and other Republican colleagues from investigating Hillary Clinton and the origins of the Russian collusion story.

“Remember Lou,” Gaetz told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, “it was myself and Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, back in 2017 who said we needed a special counsel to investigate the activities of Hillary Clinton. And had we done that we would have know what John Ratcliffe just told us well before.”

“But we had the spineless Speaker Paul Ryan who blocked us at every turn. He acted like we were the tinfoil hat wearing crazy Republicans. But the reality was that we were telling the American people the truth. People [in] Washington on both sides of the aisle were lying to the American people and now we know exactly where the Russia hoax began,” Gaetz added.

Documents recently declassified by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe reveal that in 2016, the CIA asked the FBI to investigate whether the Hillary Clinton campaign hatched a plan to associate then-candidate Donald Trump with Russian election interference in order to distract from the email scandal engulfing her campaign.

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