White House Press Secretary: Media Goes Haywire About Interrupting During Debates and Then Does the Same Exact Thing in Here

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany highlighted the press’ hypocrisy regarding Q & A etiquette during a White House Press Briefing this week.

McEnany was being questioned by CBS’s Paula Reid about President Trump’s condemnation of White supremacists. McEnany tried to point out several instances where Mr. Trump has publicly condemned racial hatred, but Reid kept obnoxiously interrupting.

“I have [Trump’s] record right here. His record is mixed,” Reid kept repeating.

Finally, McEnany snapped.

“It’s quite funny that the media goes haywire about interrupting in debates and then chooses to pursue that very same tactic themselves. This is a White House Briefing. You ask a question and you give me time to answer,” said McEnany before cutting Reid off and moving on to a different reporter.

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