NBA’s Anemic Ratings – Each Finals Game Setting New Record Low

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Game 3 of the NBA Finals garnered record low ratings. Each NBA Finals game so far this year has set a new record for smaller television audience ever.

Wednesday’s Game 1 of the matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat garnered just 7.41 million viewers. ABC is broadcasting the series.

The previous record low was 8.06 million viewers for the Nets vs. Spurs Game 2 in 2003.

Just 4.5 million viewers tuned into Game 2 of this year’s matchup, and last night’s Game 3 averaged 4.395 million million viewers at its highest point.

The NFL is also seeing its ratings plummet this season.

Many believe excessive social justice messages have played a role in the reduced size of TV audiences across all sports broadcasts in recent months.

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