Federal Reserve to Stop Printing New Currency

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The Federal Reserve will stop printing new currency this holiday season, it was recently announced.

A viewer of the David Knight Show sent in a notice to the host he received from a credit union regarding “newly printed bills.”

“During the holidays, Members often request newly printed bills to give as gifts. Unfortunately, this holiday season, newly printed bills will not be available,” the notice reads.

“Due to Covid-19, the Federal Reserve has suspended new currency ordering this holiday season. This is a proactive measure to enable Reserve banks to continue to meet daily demand for currency and coin,” it explains.

The credit union, which is unidentified, says that the ban applies only to “newly” printed bills and that it is still able to issue regular bills to Members during this time.

We’ve reported previously on the nation’s “coin shortage,” and how the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell has blamed the closure of the economy due to Covid19 for the disruption of the “supply chain and normal circulation patterns for U.S. coin.”

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