Twin Boys Born Premature – Ohio Hospital Refuses to Provide Medical Care; Video of Events Censored by YouTube, Vimeo

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YouTube and Vimeo have removed a video posted by the pro-life, non-profit group Created Equal, showing the tragic moments after two twin boys, born premature, were denied care by medical staff. Both boys died.

The boys’ mother, Amanda Finnefrock, said no staff was present in her delivery room at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, as she gave birth. Her first son, Emery, was born and received no treatment. He lived for 45 minutes.

Her second son Elliot and breathed and cried on his own for 2 and a half house before also dying.

Finnefrock told The Federalist that a neonatologist at the hospital told her, “it’s inhumane to try” to save him.

YouTube removed video of the incident, saying it “violated community standards.”

Vimeo also removed the video, and then disabled Created Equal’s account, saying users are prohibited from uploading videos that are “hateful, defamatory, or discriminatory.”

The video is still available on Facebook.

Read more at The Federalist.

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