It Begins: New York Times Calls for United Nations Takeover of U.S. Government

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A New York Times op-ed written by Peter Beinart lays out a road map and action plan for how the United Nations can be called upon to effectively take over control of the U.S. government in a post-election period.

Using the guise of racial justice, Beinart details several steps for how the Democrat Party can solicit intervention from the international body.

“Democrats should spend the coming weeks working to ensure that this year’s [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] O.S.C.E. observer mission — despite being banned from many states, especially in the Deep South — can do exactly that. Then, if Mr. Trump and his allies halt the counting of ballots, or disregard them altogether, Democrats should use the O.S.C.E’s report as evidence in an appeal to the same body where Ms. Tikhanovskaya made hers: the U.N. Human Rights Council.”

“They should also lodge a complaint with the Organization of American States, a regional organization that has pledged ‘to respond rapidly and collectively in defense of democracy,’ and which in 2009 used that mandate to suspend Honduras after its government carried out a coup.”

In June Benjamin Crump, attorney for the family of George Floyd, called on the United Nations to intervene in the case of his client.  Among other demands, Crump called on the UN to reinstate federal review boards and support independent prosecutors to look into misconduct cases.

In July the United Nations condemned President Trump and his administration’s attempts to quell the civil unrest taking place in the United Sates.

“…authorities should ensure that federal and local security forces deployed are properly and clearly identified and would use force only when necessary, proportionately and in accordance with international standards,” warned Liz Throssell, a UN human rights spokeswoman.

The invitation, and march forward, of United Nations intervention in internal U.S. affairs over the past several months has been unmistakable.

Peter Beinart is a professor of journalism and political science at the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York, is the editor at large of Jewish Currents and a fellow at the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

You can read his piece in its entirety here.

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