Activist Paid to Write “All Cops Are Bastards” on City Mural: “Funniest thing is…Seattle is Paying Me to Do This”

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The City of Seattle is paying ANTIFA activists to write disparaging messages such as “all cops are bastards” (ACAB), “abolish capitalism,” “no good cops in a racist system,” and even “f**k police” on Black Lives Matter murals in the city, and to preserve those murals.

Twitter user Kitty Shackleford shared clips from an individual’s live stream which shows the mural covered with the phrases.

“The funniest thing about this is…the city of Seattle is paying me to do this, so it’s beautiful, you know what I’m saying? Oh my God…” the live streamer says, laughing.

“Jenny Durkan you next,” he also says indicating the Democrat Mayor of Seattle is also a target of their ire, despite her enabling of their destructive behavior within the city.

“Site says SDOT has confirmed artists (VividMatterCollective) will be compensated, and it will not know the cost until the project is finished,” Shackleford writes. “Why is there a blank check for criminals to be writing these messages on the streets?”

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