Keith Olberman: Trump and His Supporters “Must be Prosecuted and Convicted and Removed from Our Society”

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Sports anchor Keith Olberman delivered a diatribe last week where he called for the prosecution and expunging from the U.S. of President Trump and his supporters.

“Trump can be and must be expunged. The hate he has triggered, the Pandora’s Box he has opened, they will not be so easily destroyed. So, let us brace ourselves. The task is two-fold. The terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box. And then he and his enablers and his supporters and his collaborators and the Mike Lees and the William Barrs and the Sean Hannitys and the Mike Pences and the Rudy Giulianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it, and to rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus.”

“Remember it. Even as we dream of a return to reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers died, that the fight is not just to win an election, but to win it by enough to chase, at least for a moment, Trump and the ‘MAGATS’ off the stage. And then try to clean up what they left. Remember it. Even though to remember it, means remembering that the fight does not end November 3rd, but in many ways will only begin that day.”

Olberman has apparently left ESPN to deliver political commentary in the weeks leading up to (and undoubtedly for some period after) the election. The new YouTube series will be called The Worst Person in the World.

Olberman had a long-running primetime show on MSNBC for several years.

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