Panic Time? No One is Showing Up to Biden/Harris Events

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Crowds drawn to President Trump’s rallies are dwarfing the crowds coming out to Joe Biden/Kamala Harris events.

A recent analysis by The Gateway Pundit shows the Biden/Harris ticket facing a severe shortage of energy and enthusiasm on the part if its supporters.

Since Labor Day President Trump has spoken to crowds totaling more than 250,000 people. Biden has spoken to a grand total of 300 individuals. And that includes the week President Trump spent off the campaign trail in the hospital recovering from Covid.

The President’s crowds are even larger online.

A Sept. 30 Trump campaign event in Duluth, Minnesota, drew 1.1 million viewers on Fox News‘ online stream.

A Biden event Friday in Phoenix, AZ, – Harris at this side – had 8 attendees inside the event. PBS’ stream showed just 34,000 viewers.

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