Democrat Senate Candidate Steve Bullocks Says What Other Democrats Won’t: I Support Packing the Supreme Court

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Republicans, as well as the media, have been trying to get an answer from Democrats on whether they will increase the size of the U.S. Supreme Court, so they can pack it with liberal justices, for weeks.

VP Mike Pence tried in vain to get Sen. Kamala Harris to answer the question during last week’s debate. And the press has been asking VP Joe Biden the same question for weeks, to no avail.

On Saturday night Democratic Senatorial Candidate Steve Bullocks of Montana confirmed the plan to the public.

“[Republicans] have been trying to politicize the [Supreme] Court every step of the way and we have to figure out ways to make it less political, so I’m open to that. And that’s anything from a judicial standards commission or we’ll look at any other thing that might be suggested including adding justices.”

Increasing the size of Supreme Court will enable Democrats to push through radical policy shifts on everything from illegal immigration to the Electoral College to culture-war issues.

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