Facebook and Google-Funded Center for Tech & Civic Life Really a Get-Out-the-Vote Program for Democratic Districts

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A new report from the Amistad project reveals that the Center for Tech & Civic Life has funneled more than 99% of its funds to Democrat districts.

The CTCL is a non-profit that purports to use tech to help elected officials communicate their messages to constituents more efficiently and help Americans remain civically engaged.

According to Amistad, which is a project of the Thomas More Society, of “the 17 cities and counties that have received the largest ‘grants’ from CTCL, totaling more than $51,000,000 combined, just under $300,000 was given” to Republican-leaning counties.

“Local governments, with the support of Zuckerberg and Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL), are usurping the role of state governments in deciding the funding priorities for election spending, and demonstrate that private funds cannot be used to gain an undue advantage in these cities and counties in presidential battleground states and selectively targeted U.S. Senate and House races.”

The group recently received $250 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

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