Trump “Caravan” Gets an Estimated 30,000 Cars in South Florida – Biden’s Gets 15

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An estimated 30,000 cars took part in a President Trump “caravan” this weekend. The automobiles, many flying American and Trump flags, wound its way through the streets of Miami, FL.

A similar South-Florida car parade held for the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket garnered just 15 automobiles. “But public polls say Biden leads by 14,” Florida State Senator Manny Diaz, Jr., tweeted.

Residents of Miami and South Florida, many of them emigres from countries like Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba, know full-well the dangers of socialism and communism. That may explain the lack of support for the Biden/Harris ticket.

“We lost our homeland we don’t want to lose America,” a participant in Trump’s rally tweeted this weekend.

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