UK Begins Quietly Combining Covid19 Reporting with Flu Case Reports

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The UK government has quietly announced that starting from October 8, it will officially combine the reporting of Covid19 numbers with its seasonal flu-case numbers in its reporting.

“This report summarises the information from the surveillance systems which are used to monitor Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), influenza, and other seasonal respiratory viruses in England,” the most recent version of the report issued by England’s Public Health Department reads.

“On it’s face this step demonstrates the further downgrading of the claimed seriousness of the SARS-COV2 virus as a public health threat. By lumping both sets of weekly data reports together we must reasonably conclude that there is no longer sufficient medical, scientific or data difference between these supposedly distinct pathogens,” Principia Scientific reports.

The move comes at the same time the World Health Organization has begun pleading with governments around the world to stop using lockdowns as a “primary control method” for containing Covid19.

Read England’s Public Health Department report in its entirety here.

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