Police Captain on Rochester Mass Shooting: “If I Hear One More Politician Talk About Needing More Gun Laws I’m Going to Vomit”

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Police Captain Frank Umbrino took issue with the rhetoric coming from politicians on the epidemic of gun violence.

“If I hear one more politician talk about what we need to do to stop the violence, we need more gun laws, we need this, we need that…quite frankly i’m gonna vomit. These people that say that have no idea what they’re talking about.

Instead Umbrino takes issue with the fact that existing gun laws often go unenforced for offenders.

“We have a lot of gun laws currently on the books that we do not enforce. I shouldn’t say we don’t enforce them. We enforce them. But you have individuals getting locked up for illegal handguns and being released from custody the next day. That’s disgusting. How does that happen?”

“So if you’re an individual that has an illegal handgun legal handgun and you know that you get stopped and arrested with that handgun…you’re going to get out of jail the next day, do you care if you get caught?”

Umbrino also lays the blame at the current “bail-reform” movement that lets offenders out of jail without having to post bail – an initiative put in place by NY’s Governor Cuomo this year. The state is now facing public backlash about the policy.

“So the bail reform that…the Governor put in – that plays a major part in uptick in crime,” Umbrino said.

“Bail reform, in my opinion as a 30-year veteran in law enforcement and working in the city of Rochester for the last 30 years, bail reform has a significant impact on the amount of crime in the uptick in crime that’s been occurring in our community and throughout New York state. Look at the numbers.”

Umbrino was being questioned about a mass shooting that took place in Rochester in September in which two people were killed and 14 were wounded at a backyard party.

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