Democrat Candidate: Election Corruption in Minnesota Worse than Somalia, Voters Expect to be Paid $200 Per Vote

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Saciido Shaie, a Somali-American Democratic candidate, is saying that election corruption in Minnesota has now reached levels that are worse than in her native Somalia.

Too many voters expect her to pay them for their vote, she says. She blames local Democrats who have taken advantage of elderly Somali-American refugees who, Shaie says, do not know paying for votes is a serious federal crime in the U.S.

Shaie said at the time that she would not be suspending her campaign for Minneapolis City Council, but would no longer be campaigning door-to-door.

She made the comments in a video released in July, in which she speaks Somali. That video went largely unnoticed until it was recently translated.

The video is no longer available on Facebook where it was published.

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