Company to Open as “Survival Community” on Election Day in Planning for Civil War

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Fortitude Ranch will open its three vacation condos as survival communities on November 3, the company announced. The decision comes in planning for the eventuality of civil unrest in the days following November’s election.

“We are going to open up as a survival community on November 3 and spanning out for several days after that for the members… just in case of civil unrest, social unrest, the potential of a civil war,” company’s Vice President for Sales and Business Development Alicia Cachuela said.

Fortitude has sites in West Virginia, Colorado and Nevada. Each ranch has capacity for about 500 individuals.

The company places five U.S. military veterans on guard duty at each site, and any members with weapons training can also volunteer to be guards at their ranch.

Each site is self-sustainable, with large solar systems for energy, barns to house live animals, multiple gardens and supplies, Cachuela added.

Photo by Tony Webster

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