Catherine Austin Fitts: Riots Are Run by “Central Bankers”

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Catherine Austin Fitts of says the riots currently underway in the U.S. are a plot run by the Central Banks to initiate a massive transfer of wealth from the middle and working classes to the ultra-wealthy.

Fitts points out a startling fact: much of the destruction caused by these “riots” have taken place within opportunity zones.

Federally designated opportunity zones allow investments in “distressed” neighborhoods such as these to offset massive profits realized from capital gains (the selling of assets, oftentimes financial assets).

When you invest in these types of neighborhoods, the upside for potential profit is significant, Fitts says.

“The reason they’re going in and raping places with these riots, so that they can acquire massive real estate is, when you integrate new technology into that real estate – particularly low-priced energy – the wealth creation is incredible. And they don’t want to share it with the people that run the little businesses…now.”

Fitts and her team at Solari have mapped out points where local businesses have been destroyed and overlaid them with opportunity zones in certain cities. The results are stunning.

You can read more of Fitts’ report here and you can watch Fitts’ compelling interview on InfoWars here.

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