Facebook’s Lead Executive on Election Policy is Former Joe Biden Adviser, Has Been Pictured with Biden and Trump Impeachment “Whistleblower”

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Anna Makanju, Facebook’s public policy and legal expert, is leading the social media giant’s efforts to “ensure election integrity.”

But it has now been revealed that Makanju has worked directly for Joe Biden as his senior policy advisor for Europe and Eurasia, which means she would have been an integral part of Biden’s Ukraine policy team.

Makanju is apparently also a former co-worker of Trump impeachment “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella. The two were pictured together in a meeting between Biden and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk after his resignation in June 2016.

Ciaramella’s whistleblower report launched the impeachment effort against President Trump last year.

Facebook, along with other big tech firms, have been accused of censoring conservative and independent media outlets for years. Most recently Facebook, along with Twitter and YouTube, censored a bombshell New York Post story about an alleged influence-peddling operation the Bidens were pushing in Ukraine, as well as China.

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