Plot to Kidnap Michigan Governor “Pushed” by FBI Informant, Say Suspects

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The plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) was “pushed” by an informant, the other suspects involved in the ring say. The informant was “one of the most active leaders” within the group and urged others to take part in the “crackpot” scheme.

That source has also reportedly been paid $8,600 for the role he played.

Democrats, along with the mainstream media, have characterized the scheme as orchestrated and planned by White supremacists, and that those White Supremacists were “inspired” by President Donald Trump’s tweet to “Liberate Michigan” from Whitmer’s lockdown orders.

It has since been revealed that one of the members of the ring attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, and was upset about the killing of George Floyd by police officers.

Another had posted several videos online telling viewers Donald Trump “is not your friend,” and calling him a “tyrant.” An anarchist flag hangs on the wall behind him as he speaks.

Defense attorneys say the suspects had no operational plan in place and had done nothing more than talk on internet message forums.

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