Study Finds 400,000 Ballots in California Sent to Residents Who Have Moved or Who Are Dead

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A new study from the Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) has found nearly 400,000 ballots in California were mailed to non-residents or individuals who are deceased.

Some ballots were sent to individuals who had moved out of the state 15 years ago. One ballot was mailed to an individual who moved from California to Tennessee 16 years earlier.

“The fear is that people who are dishonest could vote those ballots and attempt to get them counted,” said Evelyn Swenson of  EIPCa. “What kind of confidence to [sic] the people of California have in the system when they’re getting ballots from their deceased loved one 10 years ago or someone who never lived there or someone who moved 10 years ago? That hurts the confidence in the election.”

One resident said she receives ballots on yearly basis for the people who sold her home 15 years ago. This despite filling “change of address” paperwork out for them every year.

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